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I met Robby when he played a private party honoring John Travolta. I was so taken with his selection of music and his masterful playing, I not only became an instant fan, but myself and two other Warner Bros. colleagues became his guitar students..."
Brad Ball - President, of Domestic Corporate Marketing, Warner Brothers

Robby LeBlanc has fully mastered the blend of electronic music to the rhythmic vibrations of contemporary, jazz and classic guitar. Together, they perform in harmony.
Tim Sage - Las Vegas, Nevada - Wynn Las Vegas, Entertainment Director

I have been a Guitar Player and rabid fan for 40 years. In that time I have had the privilege of playing with and seeing some of the finest guitarist in the world. Of the 20 gazilion Guitar Players out there,
only a small handful have the ability to use their chosen instrument to create a true and honest music statement, free from cliché and pointless showmanship.

Many have mastered their craft, but few can use it to make real art. If you dig George Benson, Pat Metheny, Carlos Santana, Roben Ford, or Bill Frisell for their unique voice and sheer musicality, you owe it to yourself to check out Robby LeBlanc.

He won't be a secret for long!
Tony Dioguardi - New Haven, Connecticut

Hello Robby!
We enjoy your music so much whenever we have brunch at Mira Lago at Lake Las Vegas! Also, we're eagerly awaiting that new CD listened to the demo's on your website and it's awesome! Can't wait to pick it up! Your Brunch Fans...

Gail Houston, Las Vegas, Nevada

Robby's music is a balm to the heart and a joy to the spirit! Many guitarists have mastered the mechanics of their instruments. Although technically flawless, they're just playing notes. Few play with the extraordinary sensitivity and freedom that Robby does. Robby draws feelings and emotions from his very soul and expresses them with abandon through the vehicle of his guitar.


While his "style" is a wonderful, faultless blend of classical, flamenco, jazz and blues...his music surpasses any "style." It embraces the full spectrum of joy that the human spirit craves.

I watched Robby play one evening, he had his eyes closed and a wide grin on his face. Now, when I listen to his CD...I am the one with my eyes closed and a wide grin on MY face.

Ruben James, Northern California, RadioPublicitySecrets.com

We met at the Bellagio in Las Vegas a few weeks ago...I really enjoyed your music and the chance to chat with you for awhile. It was a great evening. As a sometime guitarist myself, I always enjoy getting an opportunity to hear good live music, there just isn’t a lot of it available these days. Keep up the good work and best of luck in your musical endeavors.

Pat O’Connor, Texas

"When I put "New Beginnings" on to listen, I was enthralled from the first note. Immediately I sat back in my chair and allowed the music to embrace me. But it more than embraced me, it gathered me into a soft cloud with no beginning, no end. I felt the moisture of the cloud and felt the beginning of time."

Beverly Welsh, Las Vegas, Nevada

Dear Robby:

We wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed your music. Our friends have been raving about you ever since! We would love to get one of your CD's and we would also love to get any of your future CD's. Please contact us when you come through Atlanta. Everyone who was at the wedding would love to have you over for dinner.

Jasmin Riad Ruback

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