On April 5, 2011 at the Oprah Winfrey Network, OWN, premiered a brand new TV program called, " Addicted To Food".
'This is a 8 part mini documentary series about the extremely challenging, painful, and eye opening reality of eating disorders. This program follows 8 people, as they go through their own personal eating disorder journey. Robby LeBlanc was one of the 8 people featured in this controversial seris.

Robby's Battle With Food:
"I have been struggling with my weight for years.
The past 20 years my weight has just inched it's way up, pound by pound. I'd start a diet and a few days or weeks later I'd be off of it. I'd loose 20 pounds then gain 30. Then I'd try another diet and loose 40 pounds, only to regain 50 pounds a short time later.

As one of my castmastes Layne use to say, " I wake up every morning on a diet and every night I go to bed in failure!"

It has been a never ending roller coaster ride, not only physically but emotioanlly as well. I tipped the scales in May of 2010 at 360 lbs!

YES, "360" freakin' pounds! It would be one thing if I was 7ft. 2inches. But the fact is, I'm 5ft. 6 inches.

Bottom line, I became OBESE. MORBIDLY Obese! There, I said it.
The past 10 years I've had many people offer to help me with my health and my weight. However, I always responded,"I've got it handled". I now know that was a crock of crap and I have been in denial. I've been in denial for over 20 years and the fact is, some of my family and most of my freinds knew it.

Yes, I became OBESE. The past 15 years I got to be known as the fat funny guy. Well this past year I realized it was NO LONGER funny! I wasn't laughing any more.

By The GRACE of God, In mid July of 2010
I received a unique phone call from a long time friend and guitar fan. His name is Scott Lamm. He knew I had been struggling with my weight for years. He was truly one of my number 1 guitar fans. He knew my pain and struggles.

Scott calls me and said, "Robby, I want to save your Life". I asked, "Is this another multi level marketing product?" He assured me, it was not.

On that phone call, Scott asked me one question, "Robby would you be willing to share your eating and weight problems on film and in exchange, you will get treatment at one of the top eating disorder clinics in the world. I asked, "Do you really think it could help me?" He said, "Robby, I think it will save your life". He told me to fill out the application for the show. I trusted him and I applied.

4 weeks after that phone call I found myself in Buffalo Gap, Texas at one of the leading eating disorder clinics in the world, called "Shades of Hope". I was there for 42 days.

I shared this experience with 7 other unique and courageous people. Cameras were rolling every waking hour. This was NOT a vacation. This was INTENSE REHAB! I have come to learn that food can be as addictive and dangerous as any other drug. Funny thing is, I haven't done any drugs in years and rarely even drink. My drug of choice has been food. Massive amounts of food. At Shades of Hope they never focused on weightloss, they focused on the the emotional aspect of eating and the driving forces of eating disorders.

The Good News...This experience SAVED my life. I've got my life back. In 2010 I was a Heart Attack waiting to happen. Now my health and weight are on track. A Year ago I weighed 360 lbs and as of this writing I weigh 278 lbs.

A year ago my Diabetes was out of control with an A1C of 10.4 and NOW it's 4.6! For years I tried, and tried, and tried to lose weight to no avail. I needed help. I absolutely couldn't do it alone. I needed a TEAM and a big dose of HONESTY! What a difference a year can make!

So in essence, OPRAH saved my life along with Scott and Brad Lamm from Change Institue, Tennie Mcarty and her staff at Shades of Hope, Vickie Pieper my life partner and ALL my magnificient freinds and family! All I can say is THANK YOU!"

One of Robby's Goals is To Climb Mt Kilimanjro. Click HERE NOW To See Why...

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