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What Makes Robby LeBlanc's Guitar Playing So Unique?
What makes Robby so unique is his ability to play multiple styles really well. His early
training and concert performances was highly focused on the Classical Guitar. Then
Robby expanded into Latin Jazz and R&B.

Below are are few clips of Robby playing in various music styles...

Check out some of Robby's Music Clips:
Press each button. When you are finished listening to a specific
track, click the button again to stop it and then select another
track and listen to that selection.

SOLO GUITAR - Robby LeBlanc

Isaac Albeniz - Leyenda ( Solo Spanish Guitar)

Robby LeBlanc - New Beginnings (Solo Guitar)

Robby LeBlanc - A Time For Everything (Solo Guitar)

Robby LeBlanc - You "R" Special (Solo Guitar)

Robby LeBlanc - Connies Peace (Solo Guitar)

Amazing Grace - Arrangemnt by Robby LeBlanc (Solo Guitar)

Robby LeBlanc - This is Real

Robby Playing With Band...

Sting - Fields of Gold:

Al Jarreau - In the Garden

Sypro Gyro - Lil Linda

George Benson - Breezen

Marvin Gaye - What's Going On

Gypsy Kings - The Song

Robby LeBlanc - Chasing Time

Robby LeBlanc - The Cool Players

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