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Below is the introduction to my first book called " Change Your Stars Now!". 

At times, everyone wants to make a change in their life. However, circumstances can sometimes be paralyzing and one can get stuck. This book ill help you get unstuck. 

Some of the greatest educational institutions in the world include; Yale, Harvard, Princeton, MIT, USA, UCLA, Cambrige, Juilliard etc..

But the fact is, Life University is hands down, the toughest and most challenging school in the World. It’s Pass or Fail. 

Conventional School and education is the dress rehersal. In Life University, dress rehersal is done, practice is over. From here on, EVERYTHING counts. Game on. 

The Idea for this book came to me in a flash of a moment. Then it took me 5 days of writing almost non-stop to get it all on paper to completion. It was truly a sprint.

The expressions in these brief set of writings, are not intended to be an exhaustive or definitive essay about changing your life. Consider these short lessons, suggestions and or ideas to consider or explore if you will. 

What started as a mere outline blueprint written for my own purpose and benefit, quickly developed into a set of writings for others to also Experience, perhaps get Inspired  and possibly Learn from.

No One Gets A FREE Pass In This Life.
All of us get a measure of the Good and the Challenging to experience, enjoy, learn from and or try to overcome. 

Some people experience extreme hardships, horrific abuse, painful disease and brutality. While others SEEMINGLY have the easy road.

If you haven’t already discovered, Life is Not Fair, and as Bill Gates says, “Get Over IT”

Make no mistake, NO ONE, and I mean NO ONE gets a FREE PASS, even the Rich, Talented, Healthy and Beautiful. 

The late business philosopher, Jim Rohn use to say:

“In order for things to get better, YOU must get better.
In order for things to CHANGE, YOU must CHANGE.”

On your journey you can BLAME or you can BLOSSOM. It’s your choice. 


This past year has been flooded with Health and Financial challenges for myself, and major health challenges for my honey Vickie, and my sister Val  who recently passed away.  

I wrote this book for me, in an effort to regain FOCUS and DIRECTION in the midst of this chaotic time.. With all the challenges and obstacles happening, I realized I needed to RE-Focus, Adjust and Adapt. Re-Focus to those things in my life that are most important. In order to adapt, it requires CHANGE.  

So I wrote what I thought I needed to hear in order to CHANGE MY OWN STARS.

Why Are You, The Reader, Reading This Right Now?
My honey Vickie, who is experiencing a major health challenge said “ Robby I love this. You have to share this with your friends because I think it maybe be able to help some of them too,” 

IF this little books helps or inspires just  one person, I will be thrilled. If you are reading this right now, you are one of my friends, some of whom I have yet yo meet.

Realize, even the smallest change of habit can have a SIGNIFICANT Impact.  

Remember, think Progess NOT Perfection. 

The journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step…

You need to answer one question before you begin. If you can get laser beamed FOCUSED, Precise and have Cyrstal Clarity on the answer to to this one question, you are more than half way there.

It’s a SIMPLE question, but it’s not always EASY to answer.

The question is on the next page…

Who wants a copy of my first book???

Comments are welcome!

Keep Being Brilliant,
Robby LeBlanc

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