Vickie and I Had Date Night With Andre Agassi!

Vickie and I try to have at least one evening a week which we call DATE NIGHT. Saturday night and we had a DATE with Andre Agassi!

: CHAMPIONS Series – Cancer Treatment Centers of America Championships
WHEN:Saturday October 15, 2011
WHERE:Thomas and Mack Center, Las Vegas, Nevada

On Saturday night, the local Las Vegas crowd went crazy, supporting their own Andre Agassi with a Standing  OVATION! The close to capacity crowd enthusiastically supported ALL the players and their past tennis heros.

Before the match, the people in my section were chatting among each other, wondering if John McEnroe was going to give them a show. John Mc didn’t disappoint the crowd. On more than one occasion, McEnroe yelled at the crowd to “SHUT UP,  I’m trying to Concentrate Here”!And the crowd laughed and applauded with approval.

The fact is, all the players looked like they were having a good time. Even “Mr. Serious”, Pete Sampras! Yes they all played, but all joked and had some fun in the process. Pete, in fact, beat John Mc’Enroe in their match 6-4.

Then “OUR ANDRE” as Vickie calls him beat Courier, 6-3. The locals LOVED this!

When the finals were announced, the annoucner said, “Isn’t this the match you came to see?” The crowd ROARDED with applause and another Standing OVATION!  It was thrilling, chilling and exciting.

I’ve been watching tennis on TV for about 12 years now, thanks to my girl friend, Vickie Pieper. This was my first LIVE match! I was watching the best of the best LIVE!

Vickie and I had pretty good seats for the event, about 25 rows up from the floor.There really isn’t a bad seat in the house. We were right on the isle.

Just as the final game was about to begin between Andre Agassi and Pete Sampras, I saw 4 people walking up the steps from the EXPENSIVE seats. They looked famous but I couldn’t place them. Just as they were about to pass me, the first guy stumbled and he was about to take a fall when I reached out my arms to brace him. I saved him from falling. He politely said, Thanks man. They continued up the steps.

Five seconds later, I felt a tap on my shoulder. It was the guy I just saved from falling. He says to me,” We’re leaving,why don’t you go take our seat down in front.” and he hands me two tickets! For REAL!

THIRD row from the floor! Folks, this is the way to watch a TENNIS Match!

I’ll tell you this, Andre Agassi and Pete Sampras didn’t let the crowd down. They were killing the ball! In between points, they would joke a bit, but we were close enough to hear Andre talk to himself…”Settle Down, Settle Down”.

In the end, Andre Agassi beat Pete Sampras 8-5 in a FUN Filled Match!

The crowd loved it. The players loved it. The staff and help loved it.

I was fortunate enough to play my guitar at Andre Agassi's  30th birthday party at the MGM a few years back. It was THRILLING to see him play Tennis LIVE. Seeing him in the finals made our date night just perfect and WINNING was the cherry on the cake!

One Final Thought...
I’m pretty sure just before Andre turned off his light to go to sleep Saturday night, he said to wife, “Honey, I beat Pete tonight and it feels GREAT”!

Way To Go Andre!

Keep Being Brilliant,
Robby LeBlanc