AWeber Is NOW a Robby LeBlanc Mount Kilimanjaro SPONSOR!

Please Welcome Our Newest Mount Kilimanjaro Sponsor,

It Truly Has Been a TEAM Effort Getting Healthy, Training and Getting To Mt. Kilimanjaro. I Appreciate ALL the SUPPORT from friends, family and my SPONSORS who are are behind me 100%! THANK YOU!

About AWeber:
I have been using AWeber services since 2004. You see them on ALL my websites including this one! See that optin box on the Top Right of this website, that's my Aweber hard at work building my mailing list!

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For More Information About AWeber Please Go to There Website:
If you have ANY questions, they have REAL Customer Service where someone actually picks up the phone! If you do call, tell them Kilimanjaro Robby Sent you!

Keep Being Brilliant,
Robby LeBlanc

Seven Kings Guitar Picks To Be a Sponsor For Mt Kilimanjaro!

Seven Kings Custom Guitar Picks Has Come on Board as a Sponsor For Robby LeBlanc's Mt. Kilimanjaro Climb in June 2012!

The Mt Kilimanjaro Trip is Not Cheap! In the end will cost between $9000-$10,000 Dollars.
I was hoping the Abbott company that sells the Diabetic Glucose meters and it's the meter I presently use, would be the sponsor, but they have not returned my email or call. So, I just started calling people that have products that I use.

AND...Yesterday I called Seven Kings Custom Guitar Picks
and They LOVED My Project and My Story! Then today I was talking with Brix Milner at Seven Kings and he said " We Are On Board Robby!" I'll be adding there add under the Kilimanjaro SPONSORS tonight!

As we Speak we are designing my very own Mt Kilimanjaro Climb Pick!

To Get Your Very Own Custom Guitar Pick Go To
Tell Them Robby Sent You!

I want to Thank Brix Milner at Seven Kings For Becoming a Sponsor. Nothing Great happens without a TEAM... Be it Health, Career, or any worth while endeavor.

Training for and getting to Mt Kilimanjaro is TAKING a TEAM effort. And I Happy That Seven Kings Has joined Propet Shoes as a sponsor for this journey. THANK YOU!

I'll be posting on a regular basis as the Kilimanjaro Climb gets closer. I Leave June 18, 2012 to meet Werner Berger in Tanzania, Africa!.

Keep Being Brilliant,