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It's been a crazy couple of weeks. But must admit I've been busy playing gigs.
In spite of the economy, I've been getting calls tp play. Hip-Hip-Hurray!
This past week I played out at Lake Las Vegas for about 350 people and
then on Saturday night I played at the spectacular Four Seasons Hotel on the strip.

Did you know this? I didn't even know this and I live in Las Vegas!
This may come as a surprise to those of you not living in Las Vegas, but there
are more Catholic Churches than casino's. Not surprisingly, some worshippers at
Sunday service will give casino chips rather than cash when the basket is passed.

Since they get chips from from many different casino's, the churches have devised
a method to collect the offereings.

The church send all their collected chips to a nearby Franciscan Monostary for sorting
and then the chips are taken to the casino's of origin and cashed in. This is all done by
Chip Monks! Come on laugh, you didn't even see it coming!

In these unusual economic times, it's more important than ever to find things
to laugh at and just have fun. I got this short article from my friend Robert Teodosio
in Connecticut. Thank you Robert.

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Have a Great Day,
Robby LeBlanc

See Robby Strip!

Hope the holidays have treated you all well.

With all the doom and gloom of "The Recession" we all need to keep fun, laughter
and hope in our lives. Starting today I will make it a point to send out at least 1
funny or good news story a week.

We can get all the bad news we can take on CNN...

We all need good news, happy news or funny news...
So to Get this started please enjoy my first Funny project for the year.
Yes, I know it's not the new year yet, but we all could use a good laugh.

Watch me as I do a strip tease for my honey Vickie...
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Happy Holidays!

Comic Jim Wiggins at ” Comedy After Hours” in Las Vegas

Hi Guys,

My good friend, legendary Comic Jim Wiggins came to town this last week at
the " Comedy After Hours" Comedy Club in Las Vegas Nevada, inside the
Fitzgeralds Hotel and Casino down town Las Vegas.

Jim is also known as "The Last Hippie in America"... www.LastHippie.com
Yes,  Jim Wiggins thinks pot should be legal! Jim magnificently weaves his
words through his masterful story telling and shares why pot should be legal.

Owner of the Club, Bob Burke gave me permission to film my good friend.
When you do come to Las Vegas, you gotta check out this comedy room.
It's Fantastic! www.ComedyAfterHours.com

Listen and watch to this comedy clip at your own risk.
Jim comes from a similar school of comedy that the late George Carlin came from.

There are curse words in this clip. It is pretty tame compared to what is
out there these days. If you are easily offended...

Sorry about the shakey camera work. My tripod broke just before the
show and so I hand held for 50 minutes...

When you are finished watching this clip, watch the 5 minute interview
I did with Jim about George Carlins Passing. It's touching...

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Have a Great Day,
Robby LeBlanc

Comic Jim Wiggins on George Carlin

Hi Guys,
Last week I wrote a post about George Carlin and his passing..

I've got a great video interview for you below this post with Jim
Wiggins about George Carlin...

He came to town to do a show at a new Comedy room in Las Vegas
called " Comedy After Hours". It's located downtown Las Vegas inside the
Fitzgeralds Hotel and Casino. Great comedy room...

Make sure to stop by next time you're in town
and tell them Robby LeBlanc sent you...

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At the end of his show I sat down with Jim and had a great 5 minute interview with
him about his good friend George Carlin. George Carlin was Jim's son godfather.

Also, if you notice Jims hat, it reads...
Did You Poop Today!

I got Jim this hat 5 years ago for his birthday and it is now one of
his biggest products that he sells on his website at:

Sign his guest book and tell him you saw this interview with Robby...

Enjoy the Interview...

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