MY Friend and Cancer Survivor Judi Moreo At Her First Art Show!

On November 16, 2012, My Friend Judi Moreo, a Cancer Survivor INSPIRED Everyone That Attended Her First Art Show!

The art show was at the City Lights Art Gallery in Henderson, Nevada. It was a full house! Below is an interview with the artist Judi Moreo.

Judi Moreo is a world reknown Public Speaker, Author, Coach and Cancer Survivor. Her story is so compelling. I've known Judi for over 10 yeas and had no idea she was developing her artisitc skills as an artistic painter! The first word that came into my head as I looked at her work was WOW! I was deeply moved by her work. Two works that stand out for me were the portrait of the Asian women, and another with lavender or purple colored bushes. I would have added the proper title of those works but didn't think about it till I got home.

Judi Moreo has inspired thousands of people all over the world for the past 30 years with her Books, Coaching and Speaking Presentations. We can now add her Paintings to that list of ways she inspires people! Way To Go Judi!

I had the chance to ask her about why she started painting and it was simple...Her doctors said she was under to much stress and she needed to take up a fun hobby. So two years ago she picked up her first paint brush and now 30 paintings later she is having her first art show. How cool is that!

Judi Moreo is truly one of the most TALENTED people I know. Plus...she has a heart of gold.

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Keep Being Brilliant,
Robby LeBlanc