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Robby Hospital Bill

THANK YOU For Visiting My
Page. Medical bills can add up pretty fast even with good health insurance. The graphic to the left is just one bill from my "Heart Stent" operation in June 2016.

Here is my GoFundME Link:

Every donations, big or small adds up. I'll be performing a FREE Guitar Concert on Facebook LIVE, Tonight - Wednesday Night (September 4, 5, 6th ) at 6:30 PM Pacific Coast time. (That's 9:30 East Coast time)

- For a $1
Donation or more - I'll email you 1 of my songs
- For a $15 Donation or more - 1 CD
- For a $25 Donation or more - 2CD's
- For a $250 Donation or more - I'll play for 3 hours your Cocktail Party, Wedding, Mixer, Fundraiser, Holiday Party

Here is my GoFundME Link:

Thank You In Advance,

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

The Unofficial End of Summer and What a Summer It's Been!

Robby LeBlanc Getting a Chest XrayIt Has Been a Busy Summer, Full of Adventure, Health Issues, Sporting Events and Birthdays!

June 4, 2016 Went To Emergency Room with Blood Pressure 201/110. June 6th had An Emergency Stent for 90% blockage in my right artery. They released me June 7th and I felt great! July 5-10th I was the official photographer for the International Mixed Martial Arts World Championships 2016.

August 1st, started feeling crappy again, shortness of breath, sever headaches ect.... August 17th celebrated my birthday! Then went to Emergency room again August 21st. Turns out I caught an Pneumonia. September 3rd went back to emergency room  because I developed a bad rash over my body and my throat was closing up and had trouble breathing. And honestly I was scared. Turns out I had a severe reaction to the antibiotics I was taking for the Pneumonia! In the midst of all that, my honey Vickie has been experiencing her own health challenges.

Am I complaining? No, just sharing the roller coaster of a summer it has been!

So, How Has Your Summer Been???

I will say this, I am so GRATEFUL for all the support and prayers I received via Email, Text, Facebook and phone calls! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

As we enter the fall, kids go back to school, Apple has another launch coming up, guitar gigs are scheduled and the leaves will start falling from the trees!

With that being said: Focus on the good in your life. Look for the best in people. Be the encourager, not the discourager. Hold on and hold tight for the Fall Season is just beginning!

Keep Being Brilliant,

PS- Just got the Hospital bill - $136,451! Thank God I have good insurance. MY portion is only  about $8000. I may have to do a GoFundMe Fund Raiser...




Stitch and Courage

IT's Motivator Monday!

The weekly Video Message That Gets You To Think, Inspires and It's FUN To Watch!It's Motivator Monday!
Today I talk about Courage and Cutman Extraordinaire Jacob " Stitch" Duran. There is the RIGHT THING that corporate wants you to do and then, there is just doing the right thing! I believe Stitch did the right thing!
Watch This Short Video Now! 

Every Monday I post a Motivator Monday Video on my Facebook page. Moving Forward I will be posting one here on a weekly basis.

Keep Being Brilliant,
Robby LeBlanc - The Motivator Monday Guy!

FREE Facebook LIVE Guitar Concert – Wednesday – August 10th, 7PM

This is a Fundraiser For My Friend Who Recently Lost Her Daughter

13776044_1259294087416988_2575104288061368872_nMy good friend and work associate Maria Kennedy and her family recently experienced a profound loss with the passing of her daughter, Tiffany. She did not have life insurance. With this unexpected loss, I have setup a this GoFundMe page to help the family cover some of their extensive expenses.

To Make a Donation - Go To The Following Link:

Every bit helps from a $1 dollar donation to $100 or more. 


World MMA Awards – Friday February 5th

World MMA awardsIts' That Time of The Year To Celebrate The MMA Community.This Event is Produced by Fighters Only.

Event Schedule:

  • 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm Red Carpet Viewing at the Waterfall Atrium \
  • 7:30 pm - Doors Open & Seating
  • 8:00 pm - Showtime at the Venetian Theatre
  • 10:00 pm - After Party Lagasse's Stadium at The Palazzo

For More Information:


See You On The Red Carpet!

Robby LeBlanc