I’ll Be Performing in Connecticut in September!

It's Been 17 yrs. Since I've Been Back Home

Robby LeBlanc GuitaristIt's been close to 17 years since I have been back to Connecticut. Vickie and I have been to New York and Florida but not Connecticut.

Then last month, a good friend and MASTER Marketer sent me a text asking if I'd be interested in coming back east to play my guitar at his upcoming event in Stamford CT. I said YES! This event is September 11 and 12th.

I am looking at September 5,6,7, or the 13th for a public concert date. I have to be back in Las Vegas by September 18th, because I have a gig in the Grand Canyon! 

I'm excited about visiting my old home town, Guilford, Connecticut. I am working hard to get a DATE to perform a public concert for all my old friends and school mates. I am talking with the local Arts Council and some of the surrounds performance venues.

Ideally, I'd LOVE to play at the First Congregational Church on the green in Guilford. It's an old style church built in about 1830. Growing up I played a number of concerts there. I will keep you posted. It will be great to see my old friends and to show my honey Vickie where I grew up.

That's All For Now - Talk Soon and Keep Cool!

Keep Being Brilliant!



Welcome To Summer!

5 Day Las Vegas WeatherIt was so hot in Las Vegas today, the heater in my car was cooler than the heat outside!

It's Official, SUMMER has arrived in Las Vegas! Today temps topped off at 110 degrees and tomorrow, Saturday, it's suppose to hit 114 degrees! There is a HEAT WARNING in Effect for Las Vegas.

Las Vegas is a Vacation and Convention destination. We are blessed to have some of the best pools and hotels in the world. At night will usually cool down some, but even right now it's a WARM 108 degrees at  midnight!

-Stay Inside
-Keep Cool
- Keep Hydrated!

Talk Soon, Robby



It’s Important To Fight For What’s Right

Dr. Joe KasperIf You Saw The Movie, " WE ARE MARSHALL" You Will Absolutely Be Touch By This Short Story.

The Following Article Is Written By My Good Friend Dr. Joe Kasper. He is a Clinical Nutritionist and Exercise Physiologist.

We live in a world where some people do not always speak the truth, have poor communication, hide behind text, email, face time, voicemail, etc.People have jobs where they rat out other people for things they could have solved by speaking to the person they have an issue with face to face. I know because I have been stabbed in the back on a number of occasions when I had a job for things I never did or said. I actually feel sorry for those people who live swallow lives like that, as it is a part of their being.

I also believe in fighting back for what you believe in.This past week I decided to watch the movie-We are Marshall. If a movie is about sports and motivation/inspiration, I am all in! The movie is a true story about the 1970 Marshall University Football Team that on its way back from East Carolina road game was involved in horrible plane crash near the campus and 75 people died.

I’ve Been Playing a Lot of Gigs

Guitarist Robby LeBlanc Getting Ready To Play At The Hilton at Lake Las Vegas

Guitarist Robby LeBlanc Getting Ready To Play At The Hilton at Lake Las Vegas

One of the things I LOVE about living in Las Vegas is, some of the WONDER-FILLED Gigs I get last minute.

For instance last week I played out at Lake Las Vegas at the Hilton. The photo to the left is at the fire pit at that location. I LOVE that photo!

This week,  played a PRIVATE High End, on the Top Floor of the Aria on Tuesday night. Breath Taking, MILLION DOLLAR VIEW!

Then got a call to play a mostly JAZZ Gig, Joe Pass style guitar at the Plazzo. (Joe Pass was one of my teachers growing up.)

If I lived anywhere else in the world, gigs like that just would not happen. I just wanted to write a short post about some of my gigs.

And as you can see, my new website is a work in progress,  and it is PROGRESSING!!!

Talk Soon - Keep Being Brilliant,
Robby LeBlanc