Robby LeBlanc Playing Guitar At The Apple Store

October 11th, 2014

This Is How We Celebrated the iTunes Music Festival in Our Apple Store!

The iTines Music Festival ran from September 1 - 30, 2014. Every night a different concert. After it was announced that I was one of the APPLE Employee iTunes WINNERS I was asked to play a bit in the store.

The video below is how we, at "The Show, in Las Vegas celebrated the iTunes Music Festival. We have a very festive and enthusiastic group of peeps at the Apple Store at the Fashion Show in Las Vegas.

I am honored to be part of this great TEAM. Without there support, I could not have been one of the WINNERS. THANK! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

I Had to temporarily take down this video. Another will be replacing it shortly...

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Robby LeBlanc

I WON! I’m Going To London – iTunes Music Festival Here I Come!!!

August 22nd, 2014

Guitarist Robby LeBlanc - RobbyLeBlanc.comWOW! I'm Going To London To Participate in The iTunes Music Festival in September!

As some of you know, I work Part-Time at an APPLE Store in Las Vegas as a specialist. Last week I just found out that they were having a Music Competition just for APPLE employees, and only APPLE employes could vote.

The top 30 WINNERS from thousands of employees world wide stores get to go on an ALL EXPENSES PAID Trip to the iTunes Music Festival in London England. The iTunes Festival Starts September 1st - 30th, they will feature a different headline act as, Morron 5, Robert Plant, Pharell...

I was blessed enough and voted on by enough APPLE employees World Wide to be one of the 30 WINNERS WOW! I'm so GRATEFUL to my Store, APPLE Store at Fashion Show in Las Vegas for getting behind me on this, and SPECIFICALLY my friend "JAZZ" for really making the push for support. THANK YOU JAZZ!!!

I heard about the contest on Friday August 8th from my friend RO, was going to enter. I didn't give it any thought except to get behind my friend and drum up votes for him. Saturday, Ro shared he wasn't going to the enter the employee only competition and suggested that I enter.

The rules were basic and simple. You had to perform an original song and create a video no longer than 45 seconds. I Recorded my 40 second demo on Sunday August 10th and submitted it the same day. All submissions had to be in by Monday August 11 at 12 noon. Voting world wide started Tuesday August 12 - 15th.

The 30 WINNERS got announced TODAY, Friday August 22nd.

Here is my Audition Video: It's an Original Called " Latin Jazz For Brad"

To Purchase The Entire Clip Go To iTunes:


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Robby LeBlanc

The 18 Life Lessons Learned on Mount Kilimanjaro is READY!

August 14th, 2014

Robby LeBlanc on Top of Mount Kilimanjaro DVD CoverThis film project, "The 18 Life Lessons Learned on Mount Kilimanjaro"  has been in the works for almost 2 years is FINISHED!

Two months after returning from Africa and Kilimanjaro I was in a car accident and it set me back about 1 year. Then I finally started on it again, almost finished it, then my honey Vickie got ill. Just like climbing Kilimanjaro, it has taken persistence to finish this project.

This video was intended to be a gift for all my Kilimanjaro Sponsors. I wanted to be able to show them what my experience in Africa was like. And YES, all my SPONSORS will be getting their copy shortly. Then, in the process of editing this project, and showing a rough cut for a few audiences, they asked if they could purchase a copy. So here it is !!!

Climbing Kilimanjaro was a LIFE CHANGING experience. I am so GRATEFUL for Werner Berger, for INSPIRING ME to THINK and DREAM BIGGER! A man truly of service, has inspired so many and now I can say, I am among those that climbed with him!

Thank you Werner for what you do and all that you have done it for! You Are AWESOMENESS in MOTION!

Keep Being Brilliant!
Robby LeBlanc


"The 18 Lessons Learned on Mount Kilimanjaro"

To Purchase a Copy Click on The Buy Now Button! $14.99 + shipping.

Robby LeBlanc on Top of Mount Kilimanjaro DVD Cover

That is a photo of Robby on top of Kilimanjaro, way above the clouds and with Mt. Meru in the background.

Goodbye Robin Williams – The Pain Behind The Smile

August 12th, 2014

RIP Robin Williams - LasVegasNewsBlog.comRobin Williams, Academy Award-winning Actor and Grammy Award Comedian, Died Today, August 11, 2014 of Apparent Suicide.

The following content between the dotted lines were written by a very good friend. I saw her post about Robin Williams on FACEBOOK and asked if I could repost here on LasVegasNewsBlog.
Written by Elizabeth Taher Kovic
It's always so jarring when someone like Robin Williams dies. Particularly because like many of my peers, we felt like we almost knew him. His familiarity was like one of the kids you went to high school with. The one that was ways doing something when the teacher's back was turned. The one that said everything cleverly. All the things you thought, that flew out of his mouth so brilliantly.

Probably the one who went home at night and cried in the darkness. The one who never, ever let his guard down. The one who hid behind the funny man mask. Busy parading around with a clown nose and a lampshade hat. Not sure which demons he was fighting. We all have our share. His brand of humor was delicious, like Shakespeare's Puck. A mischievous imp who gets the love in the end.

I am so saddened to see him go. He gave his audiences so many gifts. Rip Robin Williams.  Read the rest of this entry »


August 4th, 2014


I've been thinking about doing a weekly Motivational Video Message for quite some time. And recently, I said, "NOW IS THE TIME!"

Every Monday I will be posting a MOTIVATOR MONDAY Message. They will be short, sweet and too the point.

My goal is to keep these Monday Messages under 1 minute. The idea here is not to give a long MOTIVATIONAL Speech/Training, rather a short single message that you can consume quickly and can make a small impact on your thoughts and attitude.


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